What is Laminate Wood Flooring?

Not too many years ago very few people had the chance to live in a beautifully decorated house and had, for example, some beautiful flooring material. Today, this has become much easier with the use of laminated flooring, parquet or other documents that allow us to have wooden floors that give our house a stylish and elegant touch, but of course, this has a price and above all a risk because the wood is very sensitive to water.


Before the arrival on the market of the floating platform, it was the known as classical or parquet flooring, which was nothing more than solid wood that was nailed to a batten. The problem with this was to place this type of laminate flooring had a relatively high price, both production and installation after it comes out from best log splitter reviews

Floating floors

From 1960 he began to appear the so-called floating platform, which usually less than the parquet price, as this is not solid wood, but we are of cheaper materials, which in turn are easier to install. Despite all great advice it is not to venture yourself to the collation of this type of platform, no matter how simple it may seem, as it has its difficulties such as those of saving the doors of our thing or particular interior doors.

In general, the term of laminate flooring is used to refer to a soil that is completely composed of wood and usually have a minimum required thickness. For example, in Spain, this minimum thickness is regulated by the Spanish Federation of Wood Flooring (FEPM) and is located in the 4 millimeters. This layer will be that anyone can step on and which may be knifed at any time. Any other measure of the layer below the required minimum, will not be considered for this type of platform.

In addition to this minimum required layer, underneath it, there may be more layers that reinforce the firmness of soil and also give more stability to the same. Depending on these layers we can meet different types of floating platforms that we will see below.

The multilayer laminated flooring wood

Surely you already imagine how it will be this kind of floating platform, but not going to let you know all the details and features that we can.

Composed of several layers, this platform offers superior stability and also a great result over the years as to overcome several layers, with many well-fitted pieces, does not allow the passage of water, which deteriorate our floor wood substantially.


In most cases, this type of flooring consists of a lower base that could be called stabilization, and two more layers of wood with a special water-repellent treatment. To reduce the costs of this type of soil, for the intermediate layers they have commonly used woods with high resistance, but with a more affordable price. These woods are those of pine, fir or bamboo. For the outermost layer, hardwoods are used, rather more expensive, but they offer a breathtaking and elegant finish.

The thickness of the layers may vary depending on the floating platform by which we bow, but usually between 1800 and 2200 millimeters. According to the Spanish Federation of Pavimentos wooden (FEMP9, so we can consider a floating wooden platform as multilayer this must have at its outermost layer, i.e., which is made of hardwood, a thickness not less than 2 5 millimeters. Failure to comply with this measure we are talking about another type of flooring or another wooden floor. This minimum thickness allows us to stab the stage safely and with it to make a better conservation.

Floating Solid Wood Flooring

This type of laminated flooring is usually the least used of the two existing, mainly because it has a higher price, although eventually tends to have a better life, and allows the stabbing conservation process that can be repeated on more than one occasion, although it is not to be done every so often as you may end up destroying our laminate flooring.

As you can already imagine this floating platform shall be composed of solid wood tables will range near to 2 centimeters thick. These tables are often in most cases quite long and narrow, although as usual can meet many different variants.

The result in sight is excellent, and in some cases not have nothing to envy to other types of flooring such as parquet or other materials.

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