Trendy T-Shirts Styles Or How To Wear T-shirts Correctly?

Despite the person’s age everyone of us has at least two pairs of jeans and several T-shirts in our personal wardrobe. Those attractive t-shirts are really universal and can be worn on any occasion and in any combination depending on the event. Although the fashion changes regularly T-shirts are always considered stylish. The only thing changed in them is their cut, color and image depicted on them. There are some styles which are in fashion always. Further several examples of t-shirts are given that are never out of style and are worth being in your wardrobe.

The polo T-shirt

Polo shirt was first worn by tennis champion Rene Lacoste in the 1926 in the USA. It received the name polo shirt when polo players started wearing it with a polo player depicted on it. It has been worn by numerous golf players and other athletes. For some period of time it served as a part of the business casual wear for men. The polo shirt should be in the wardrobe of every man today. Nowadays, you can find numerous various designs of polo shirts - with stripes, or plain polo shirts like PA-K420 Port Authority - Pique Knit Sport Shirt having twenty-eight impressive colors. The Polo t-shirt should be paired with Khakis and accessories.

The Long Sleeve T-Shirt

A long-sleeve shirt is the original kind with long sleeves. It may be worn with a short-sleeved shirt over it for the layering style which is greatly loved by young people. This long sleeve shirt from Gildan GI-G2400 contains 100% cotton and is available in twenty-one colors. It will perfectly match blue jeans or khakis.

The Imprintable Shirts

Graphic t-shirts were specially designed for stylish men belonging to all age categories. You may choose the most desired t-shirt online in any country of the world. Via the Internet you may have customized purchases. Online shops offer an excellent opportunity to design and personalize blank shirts. This is the way how imprintable shirts are produced. PC-PC61 Port and Company - Essential T-Shirt is one blank shirt available in forty-six colors. It can be personalized with embroidery and screen printing using numerous colors. The imprintable shirts may be combined with any casual pants including blue jeans and khakis, cargo pants and shorts.

The Ringer T-shirt

A ringer shirt was designed in the early ‘60s and became extremely popular in time. This kind of shirts reached its popularity in the ‘80s but then it has somewhat decreased and the revival took place in the early 2000s especially among young people. Ringer shirts are made from a jersey shirt fabric of one color while the ribbing for the sleeve bands and the collar are of a contrasting color. Usually such a shirt is white with the collar and sleeve bands in some other color. A ringer shirt may be paired with dark jeans and it may be worn for a concert or a party with friends.