Jaguar Land Rover production car for the first time outside the UK

The first foreign factory was opened in Brazil Jaguar Land Rover, which specializes in manufacturing cars and Discovery Evoque Sport for some markets.


Magna Group is the largest supplier of cars in North America, headquartered in Canada. Magna Steyr, a unit of Austrian company will produce a number of Jaguar cars at the factory in Graz (Austria) by three of the Jaguar Land Rover plant in the UK is close to full capacity. Reportedly Graz plant is where Mercedes G class assembly, Mini Countryman, BMW Peugeot RCZ and paceman.

Two years ago, Jaguar Land Rover announced the corporation or partnership with Chery Automobile to build a production base in China. This week, the plant was officially put into operation, and the first cars will be the bone where the Range Rover Evoque. This event marked the first time a model of the British brand is manufactured abroad.

In the last financial year, JLR sold more than 100,000 cars in China, meant that it became the company’s biggest market. By 2016, it is expected the facility will produce three models of JLR, including Land Rover Discovery Sport and Jaguar sedan with a yield of about 130,000 vehicles annually.

This facility was built in SEZs enjoy, north of Shanghai, and here will soon have an aluminum body shop and an engine manufacturing plant. When all goes into operation, the output of the plant will include new versions of its cars as well as vehicles specially designed for the Chinese market. At the present, the vehicles produced here will only sell to the Chinese domestic market. JLR plans detailed in the Chinese market will be unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Exhibition takes place at the upcoming 20/11.

Other information in one direction, the British brand is also planning to build a factory in South America, as well as the company’s first plant in the second largest automobile market in the world. The direct production and sales in the US will help JLR avoid import tariffs high while minimizing the business impact of currency fluctuations. It is expected that the automaker received the significant support of the state chose to plant, may compensate JLR is committed to building a facility with a production capacity of about 200,000 units / year.

In addition, Jaguar Land Rover has also completed the procedures agreed on new plant construction in Brazil and is also considering the possibility of opening another facility in Mexico. In the last year, JLR sold 55,000 vehicles in North America, accounting for 1/8 of the total sales of 425,000. This year, the company targets sales of 1 million vehicles sold worldwide. JLR brands from the brink of bankruptcy are gradually profitable since Tata Motors acquired in 2008 for $ 1.3 billion pounds.


Range Rover Evoque will be manufactured at the first plant of Jaguar Land Rover in Brazil.

The growth of the SUV is moving in a positive direction, and South America is one of the potential markets. Therefore, Jaguar Land Rover has quickly seized this opportunity to build a factory in Brazil.

However, the investment in this plant of Jaguar Land Rover is not too large, around $ 340 million. Its plants located in the UK car Tatiana, Brazil will create jobs for 300 locals and 700 supplier chain. Two new Evoque SUV and the Discovery Sport will be produced here and available at dealerships later this month.

British car maker’s factory has a capacity of 24,000 units / year. However, in 2016 this figure was only 10,000 units, by new plants need to check the stability of the operation in advance. The finishing part painting, engine assembly will be carried out in England and imported to Brazil.


Meanwhile, Halewood Body & Assembly plant in the UK production of Jaguar Land Rover Evoque models from 2011, with the current number of employees to 4,000 people. Therefore, they built up a relatively small factory in Brazil.

According to managing director Wolfgang Stadler factory in Brazil, Jaguar Land Rover is one of the leading car manufacturers in the midsize SUV segment luxury, with over 30% market share. The production of cars and Discovery Evoque Sport in Latin America will open up the opportunity to dominate the market higher.

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