Car vacuum: A must – have tool for car owners

Have you ever feel frustrated when you accidentally spill foods or drinks in your cars? As usual you often try to clean it with a rag but it’s not likely that the smells and the stains will quickly go away, right?  Well, if you are in need of a tool that can effectively get rid of annoying things in your car and keep it perfectly cleaned then this article is for you. Today you will get some interesting information on vacuums cleaners and the best car vacuum cleaner currently available on the market.


Needless to say, most drivers wish their car interiors to be nice and clean. Yet with just a bit of mishandling, your car interior seems not to be in good condition anymore. Rags and tissues are quite insufficient to completely clean up the mess. Even when the spill seems to be wiped out, its smell still lingers for hours. In this  case, a car vacuum cleaner may be a suitable solution to the problem. So let’s get close and see what a car vacuum cleaner can do for your lovely ride.

1. Characteristics

Car vacuum cleaners are just like any household vacuum cleaners but are designed mostly for uses in car. This means they are much smaller and more portable. They can also work independently without requiring any wires connecting when in operation due to the fact that they utilize enclosed charge batteries (You still need to use wires when charging them though). While the capacity is not really exceptional compared to large – size cleaner, car vacuum cleaners can still excel at their intended purposes   thanks to their easy – to – access wastes compartment that allow rapid disposal and re – use.


And since car vacuum cleaners are quite mobile and easy to handle, you can also use it to vacuum your furniture in the home as well. They can easily reach narrow spaces which normal household cleaners are almost impossible to reach or simply too difficult to use there.

2. How to select a good car vacuum cleaner

There are plenty of car vacuum cleaners around which suitable for many types of car interiors. But there are common traits of a good and versatile car vacuum cleaner you need to look for if you don’t want to waste your money on unsuitable products.

  • Strong suction: It’s quite helpful in removing dust, trash, debris, liquids, etc. Since the vacuum cleaner can get access to every nook and cranny in your car interiors, its sufficient suction force is the first requirement.
  • Extendable tip: Even with the small figure of the car vacuum cleaner, it will be more effective if the tip can be well extended to further support the cleaner ability to reach and vacuum narrow spots in the car
  • Durability: As stated above, car vacuum cleaners rely on internal power supply instead of wires connecting when in use. Therefore, it’s wise to see how long can the cleaner work before a recharge is required. This more or less depends on how often you vacuum the car and the complexity of the interior. Pick the products that fit your needs the most to save money.


Above are the suggesting features a good car vacuum cleaner must have. Of course, you can consider extra functions or additional accessories to respond to your needs as well. In the case your car has special characteristics, consult the manufacturers or specialists before deciding to use a vacuum cleaner to prevent any possible damages to the vehicle.

3. Popular products

Here you can also see information about some of the best and popular car vacuum cleaners on the market now. You can check them out and see if any up to you liking and suitable for your car.

  • The Versatile Car Vacuum Cleaner 12V

Utilizing 12V power that allows robust and constant actions, this machine can clean up all kind of trash, big and small. The charging wires can also be connect to the car and use the car energy to power up in case that the energy left on the battery is low and you don’t have time to wait for a complete recharge. The design remains very compact and the nozzle set up is very reliable. Its only draw back is it cannot blow.

  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Jinke 08

The most portable and compact cleaner around, this product is greatly appreciated by people who want a small yet strong car vacuum cleaner. No matter what kind of space or types of mess you find yourself in,  this cleaner will have little problem disposing them all. The wire is also long up to 5 meters so that you can both use and recharge the machine at the same time if the situation requires.

  • Handheld Vacuum Cleaners Omi Nanny V1

A rather elegant but quite effective design, this cleaner can do its job effectively and remains affordable to most people pocket. Equipped with a HEPA filter, your car interiors are guaranteed to become much cleaner and nicer after just a few sweepings with this product. Small gaps, slits, hard – to – reach places are no obstacle and can be cleaned rather quick. But this cleaner also has a minor flaw: it’s often rapidly overheat. This is why  it’s mostly suitable for small cars with simple interiors.


No drivers ever want to drive around in a car that is dirty or smells. Everyone wishes to have a nice and fresh car interior. But to bring the car to a garage for a complete wash is a bit expensive and time – consuming. And why do you have to pay for that costly service when you are quite able to do it yourself, with just a car vacuum cleaner? This cleaner will help you get rid of any wastes from foods to liquids, all done in a quick and effortless manner too.  If you really need a thing to improve the sanitary condition of your car, a car vacuum cleaner is the best tool to satisfy your requirements.

Raymond A.Brown – One car care profesional.

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