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Bath faucets are the faucets that are usually used in the bathroom, mostly in the sinks. Sometimes, the expression "bath faucets" is used to describe the faucets used in bathtubs; nevertheless, these are mostly called bathtub faucets. Bath faucets are often not described at all and most of people don't pay much attention to the. Unfortunately, this is completely wrong, as bath faucets can be the central items of the bathroom. Besides, Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution the quality of bath faucets plays an important role as well (look more Bissell Proheat 2x Revolution).

As a rule, bath faucets are produced from metal and plastic at the same time, while some of them are made of only one material. The cheapest bath faucets are made of plastic only. Thus, the spout and the knobs or handles are plastic. Such bath faucets are not expensive because their quality is not good, and they may be easily broken and cause other consequent problems. The most popular bath faucets have metal spouts, (mostly chrome or nickel), and plastic knobs. Usually, bath faucets have built in drain stoppers, as a rule metallic. The stoppers need to be pushed down in order to close the drain in the sink.

The greater number of bath faucets are added with handles or knobs. Each bath faucet has either one or two of them. Few knobs are produced from clear plastic, while most of handles are metal. An individual will seldom find handles made of plastic, porcelain or wooden inserts. You may find different styles of spouts on bath faucets some of which are short and straight, while others are long and curvy. Besides, you may see anything in between as well.

All of the constituent parts of bath faucets may have various metal finishes, the most popular of which are silver colored, for instance, nickel or chrome finishes. Such a color makes them extremely shiny. Some darker metals, for instance, bronze are not so widely used as they are much more expensive. One can even find bath faucets made of such metals as copper or brass, but they are very difficult to find as well as extremely expensive.

Nowadays, many people make a bathroom with two or more sinks. As a rule, those people try to select similar or the same sets of bath faucets for their sinks. Itís completely correct, as the bathroom will have one and the same unique style. Lately, it has become popular to choose antique bath faucets which come in a great variety of designs. Usually, antique bath faucets are made of copper or brass like they used to manufacture them many years ago. Other antique bath tubs are not old at all; they only have an antique style. For instance, the bath faucets can have two handles, which are designed for hot and cold, thatís often considered to be an antique style. Few antique styles have two spouts. However, most of people prefer modern styles silver in color.