Read this tutorial to know how to transfer and view files from your Camera.

Now that you have got the basics down as to the operation of your camera and you have taken some incredible images and videos, it’s time that you view and transfer these from the camera. This will seem like a daunting task, but in actuality, it is not difficult of a thing to accomplish. As you will see from the reading of this chapter, this is something that is easy to do and can be done regardless of the type of computer that you own. We will first look at the process of transferring the images and videos from your camera to your computer.


For PC Users:

  1.  First make sure that the camera is connected to the computer via the provided USB cable.
  2. Press the mode button to make sure the camera is on and powered.
  3. Click on the “My Computer” icon on your computer and find the “removable disk” icon located on your computer
  4. Make sure that you double click the “removable disk” icon
  5. Double click the “DCIM” icon located on the removable disk
  6. Make sure that you double click the “tooGoPro” icon on the screen. This will allow you to view all of your photos and videos stored on the camera’s memory card.
  7.  You can now transfer or copy all of these or a selected number to your computer or any other removable storage device you have chosen.



For Mac Users:

  1. Connect the Camera via the USB cable provided
  2. Pressing Mode to make sure that you have powered on the camera
  3. Your Mac will automatically detect that this is a removable device and will automatically open up for you.
  4. You can now copy and paste from the camera over to your computer.
  5. When you are deleting files from your camera, it is important that you empty your trash before disconnecting the camera from the computer.

Now we will look at the world of viewing photos and videos right from your computer. This process will be a lot easier than you might otherwise expect it to be. We will walk you through this process and show to you the ease that you will experience when doing this. You will be able to view your photos via a television or the BacPac we will talk about later in the chapter on accessories. For this section we are talking about via a television.

  1. With the provided HDMI cable, plug the camera into your television.
  2. Making sure that you press the mode button, make sure that the camera is powered on.
  3. Using the mode button again cycle through until you have found the play icon and press the S button to select play
  4. You will notice that all of your media is shown in a thumbnail view. If you have burst photos or time-lapse items, the first image in the series will be what is shown to you.
  5. While you are in thumbnail view, make sure that you press mode to cycle through these and S once you have found what you are looking for.
  6. Using the directional arrows, you can then go through the items until you find what you are looking for and then highlight the option.
  7. It will depend as to if you are viewing videos or photos as to the control options that you will have available to you. Use the mode button to navigate and the S button to choose.
  8. If you are choosing to use a BacPac to view your playback, the instructions are for the most part the same except you will have a minor difference that you will need to refer to the user’s manual of your BacPac to get the exact instructions.

You can now view and share with the rest of the world the videos you took while mountain climbing or white water rafting. The GoPro series of cameras has revolutionized the way that people take pictures and the way that they share them with their friends and family.

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